Our primary aim is to provide originality of the content and to reach them to readers across the globe. We always want to remain neutral which is not based on Cast, Creed, Sex, Religious and want to convey our message strictly in a neutral Position.

Articles which are published in the peer-reviewed Journal serves many functions which we have to validate on a serious note. It is, therefore, should be accurate, Original, Updated and Trustworthy. The act of publishing involves many parties, each of them is playing a significant role in achieving these aims. It followed by the Journal Editor, Peer-reviewer, Author of the Article, the publisher, and Society (if any) to meet the necessary requirements and show their involvement from the date of submission to the publication of the article.

1. Editor's Responsibilities

  • a) The editor should Act neutral to Caste, Religious Sentiments, Political Statements or Geographic Origin of the Authors.
  • b) Follow the Publication procedure whether it is regular submission or any Special Issue Submission.
  • c) The editor should check whether the article should meet the Academic Criteria and also whether the article followed the guidelines of the Journal or not..
  • d) The editor should give the opportunity to the authors to respond to their faults/Corrections in the article if they are not able to do it on time however it should be some limitation without delaying the whole Issue.
  • e) Editor Should check the background of the Author, which submitting their article as in the form of their CV while providing Online.
  • f) The editor should maintain all the documents related to a particular item starting from the submission to the Publication of the Article..

2. Reviewer's Responsibilities

  • a) To Maintain the efficiency in work which was assigned.
  • b) Reviewer should make all the documents confidential which were provided by the management.
  • c) Reviewer should not disclose any information to the third party or any other member of the team.
  • d) The reviewer should not retain the copy of the manuscript or do not copy the document for own purpose.
  • e) Reviewer should alert editor related to plagiarism of the article.

3. Author Responsibilities

  • a) To maintain the originality of the content which author is going to submit.
  • b) The author needs to submit the signed copyright form during the submission of the manuscript.
  • c) Author has to declare any potential conflicts of Interest.
  • d) Author has to follow the guidelines of the Journal before submission of the manuscript.
  • e) Author has to cooperate with the Editor, Reviewer or any other team Member while reviewing the document.
  • f) The author has to confirm about the work submitted to the Journal has not offered anywhere else.
  • g) Data provided in the form of Table should be accurate, Original and Updated.
  • h) Authors should Provide Copyright Rights about the Images, Graphs in the manuscript.
  • i) The author should ensure than any studies involving human or animal subjects conform to National, Local and Institutional Laws and requirements (E.g. WMA Declaration of Helsinki, NIH Policy on Use of Laboratory Animals, EU Directive on Use of Animals) and confirm that approval has been sought and obtained where appropriate. Authors should obtain express permission from human subjects and respect their privacy

4. Publisher Responsibilities

  • a) Publisher should ensure readers for the original Contents.
  • b) Publisher shall ensure that good practice is maintained to the standards outlined
  • c) Publisher shall provide the Issue will be on time without any delay.
  • d) The publisher itself will mutually solve any conflict between Editor and Author.

Identification of unethical behavior

  • Misconduct and unethical behavior may be identified and brought to the attention of the editor and publisher at any time, by anyone.
  • Misconduct and unethical behavior may include, but need not be limited to, examples as outlined above.

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