Publication of a good quality journal is not an easy task. Any new journal has to undergo a vicious cycle of impact factor and quality articles. When you start a new journal, obviously you do not have any impact factor. In absence of impact factor, it is very difficult to get good quality articles. In this process, generally the new journal receives second or third quality articles and when the publisher put it for impact factor, it receives very low impact factor! We are happy to put this third volume of our International Journal of Fermented Foods in your hands. Our publisher will now process the papers for assessing the journal for the impact factor. We had teething problems in convincing the scientists to send us good papers so that we get better impact factor too. We need to wait and watch now that what we get. The editorial board is highly thankful to all those researchers who contributed their best work in the first three volumes. Dr. Pratima Khandelwal, Executive Editor, did untiring job of collecting articles, sending for peer review, communicating with publishers and finally checking the proof. The entire editorial board appreciates her efforts in the tough time of journal. Among the fermented foods, activities of probiotics are very much in lime light. All over the world, several laboratories are engaged in working with probiotics and hence we also received most of the papers on probiotics. Even after EFSA’s strict policy on health claims, the work on probiotics had not gone down. The regulations in many countries, including India are not clear and we hope that in near future, this grey area will see some clarity. Our journal is not limited to probiotics and hence we request the scholars to send us articles on all aspects of fermented foods. We should dig out information about lesser known fermented foods from remote areas; we can pen down traditional processes and also talk about how they play an important role in day to day life of the society. Let us try to act on theme line of SASNET- Fermented Foods “A network for connecting fermented foods to health status and social well-being”

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