Dr. Baboo M. Nair is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Chemistry, Lund University, Sweden. His research work leading to the Doctorate degree in Technology was Gas liquid gas chromatographic analysis of amino acids for nutritional analysis of food proteins. He has been a post doctorate fellow of the Sweden Japan Foundation for Research and Development at Kyoto University, Japan before becoming a Research associate, Assistant Professor and Professor at the department where he since retirement continues to be active as a professor emeritus. His main research area has been the effect of food processing on the physico-chemical characteristics and nutritional value of foods. He has been instrumental in initiating an International Masters degree programme in Food Science and Biotechnology at Lund University and has also developed post graduate courses in International nutrition and packaging technology.

He is a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Kerala University 1959 and obtained Indian Diploma in Dairy Technology 1962 from Gujarat Agricultural University. He has been a technical officer in charge of making baby food at Amul dairy 1963 and a Project executive in 1968 working with planning operation flood with National Dairy Development Board before coming to Sweden with a full merit scholarship to undertake advance courses in dairy technology at the Swedish Agricultural University campus at Alnarp. In 1977, he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Medicine from Lund University Sweden before embarking on various research projects related to food and nutrition. He is the founder of Swedish South Asian Network on Fermented Foods (SASNET-FF) and is the Chairman of the said network since its inception in 2003. He is also a creator of another network called Sustainable Kerala network for utilization of tropical plant biomass. More details can be obtained from his home page www.nair.se

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